[24hoursupport] Hard drive or mobo??

  • From: Madrachod@xxxxxxx
  • To: 24hoursupport@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 27 Oct 2004 23:57:38 EDT

    I just bought a 120 gig Western Digital hard drive about a month ago.  
I've only been using about 2.75 gig of it's space so far.  I've had very few 
problems with it since I instaled it except that 99% of the time, when I get 
line I get a Kernell32.dll error and I can't actually sign off the normal way. 
 I mean, I click on the Sign Off section in the drop down menu, then get the 
sign off window to appear, but, before it completely signs me off (hmmm, or is 
it just after?), I get the error message: Waol has caused an error in 
Kernell.32.dll.  When I click that window's close button the server's opening 
wipes away before I even have a chance to actually shut it off myself.
    Also, last week or so, I've had problems shutting the puter off.  I shut 
it down, but it won't shut down.  And, I'm just now reminded of another one, I 
keep getting booted off line every half an hour or so.  I've never had that 
before, since I got the 40 gig HD a few years ago.
    Now, the reason I'm writting.  Last night, I came home from the magic 
show I'm in and tried to turn on the puter.  It froze half way through boot up. 
I shut it down with the power button and started it again, it froze again, 5 
times I went through this.  So I shut down and booted up again and went into 
Safe Mode where I ran an Anti-virus (AVG free), anti-parisite of some sort I 
just got recently (also from AVG), Scan Disc and tried to run defrag.  Shortly 
after it started to defrag it stopped and told me to run ScanDisk in thorough 
mode.  I did, it got as far as something like 250147 clusters and I started 
getting messages that that cluster was bad and needed repaired, I clicked on 
(or okay) to the repair, seconds later it said cluster 250148 was also bad and 
needed repaired, so I did again.  This went on for quite some time with EVERY 
cluster from that point onwards.  I did this for 175 clusters and was so 
exhausted I couldn't stay awake to do any more of this nonsense.
    Just now, I reverted back to my previous master HD, a 40 gig Seagate.  So 
far it seems to be working okay.
    I'm running Windows ME, I have a 64 mb RAM.  Anything else you need to 
know, just ask.  I'm pretty sure there was something else I was going to say, 
but I'm so tired after doing two shows today, I forgot what it is, now.  
help would be much abliged.
    Addendum:  Now (about 5 days later) I'm getting the same problems on the 
40 gig that were on the 120 gig.  As far as I'm concerned it's just GOT to be 
the mother board!!

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