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First, you can create an image by using Symantec Ghost or something
similar.  As long as you do not install onto a different system this
will work and you will not have to re-activate. Or, you can copy the
activation file and restore it to the system32 folder after you
re-install. When you run all the way through the WPA wizard, a WPA.DBL
file is created in your "System32" directory. Copy this file to another
folder for safe keeping. Now, whenever you reinstall Windows XP on the
same machine, you should be able to avoid the WPA process by copying
WPA.DBL back to the "System32" directory. While I haven't run through
this process myself, it should work as long as you haven't changed the
machine drastically since the WPA.DBL was created. Just make sure you're
using the "latest" copy of that file, otherwise you may find yourself on
the phone with Microsoft. Who, according to them, will give you the
benefit of the doubt every time. 


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It hasn't happened yet but what if there is a hard drive crash on a 
computer with Windows XP.  As I understand it, the system can't be
for a backup and it takes prayer and pleadings to get Microsoft to
replace it.

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