[24hoursupport] Hard drive (big) problems!

  • From: <mike.brown1@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 4 Oct 2002 13:28:23 +0000


Hello all

I cannot access my hard drive. Yesterday afternoon I got some nasty sounding 
chugs from it and a warning that data might be lost - I ran scandisk in Windows 
which claimed to have sorted things out and then scandisk in DOS, which seemed 
to contradict Windows by finding several bad sectors (approx 20 at 3 separate 
sections of the disk). All fine for a while, I foolishly thought, and set the 
drive to defragment while I popped out, only to return to a frozen screen.

Upon reboot, the drive isn't recognised. "Disk boot failure, insert system disk 
and press enter", is the message and "NONE" is ominously listed in the Primary 
drive info section.

This morning, on first attempt, it DID boot up to windows but then crashed 
before I could do anything when the chugs started again, but since then it 
hasn't got anywhere past the "disk boot failure" message. So,...

I guess the drive is on the way out, yes? But can I rescue my data? And if so, 
how? Or, (I remain a hopeless optimist) can it be saved altogether?

Thanks in advance for your help

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