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  • From: "Ron Allen" <chizotz@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 16 Feb 2003 14:23:29 -0600


Hello Jerry,

>put the charges on dispute and gave me 30 days to get it resolved.  If I
>don't get it resolved and don't pay it - Sprint says they would turn my
>phone off.

What a familiar story this is! Virtually the same things happened to me=
 several years ago.

If this long distance carrier changed your service to them without your=
 permission, that is known as "slamming" and is illegal. The charges on=
 your bill for porn (or gambling, or psychic advice, or any number of other=
 scams) is also a common tactic used by thieves who use the telephone=
 companies as their collection thugs. They make the charge for something=
 they know you will not want to be associated with in the hope that you'll=
 quietly pay the bill and move on.

The key to this is to not give up. First off, contact the FCC. Their web=
 site is http://www.fcc.gov but I suggest you call or write snail mail as=
 well as sending email (or do all three).  I would also suggest contacting=
 your state attorney general, and your state should also have a regulatory=
 commission that oversees telecommunication fraud problems. I found mine to=
 be very helpful indeed when I was the target of slime. You should tell all=
 of these agencies not only about the original fraud perpetrated on you,=
 but also the strong-arm tactics used by your telephone company which is=
 just as wrong and possibly just as illegal. Whatever you do, though, do=
 not pay the bill if you do not legitimately owe it! Once you pay, you'll=
 never, ever get it back and every success the slammers and these other=
 scum, including the telephone companies, get just makes them that more=
 determined to continue their slimy practices. Also, if you pay it is as if=
 you are admitting the charge is legitimate and you'll likely find that the=
 charges will continue to appear until you stand up and say "no more!"

I'm not a lawyer and this is not legal advice, but I have been there and I=
 know you can prevail if you are willing to not back down.

Good luck,


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