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Hi Doug
I've heard that polishing the Cd's with peanut butter, not the crunch
stuff<G> will allow then to be read.
Copy them to the hard drive on a separate partition for next time.

You can order the disc's from HP;

Windows 98 and Me recovery CDs  
If your recovery discs originally came in the box and are now missing or
have become defective and the computer is still under warranty, call HP
Customer Care for a set replacement discs. 

If your recovery discs are no longer under warranty period and are missing
or defective, order new discs using the following steps: 

NOTE: A credit card number is required for ordering recovery discs. 

Go to the HP Parts Direct ordering Web site. The Parts Direct Ordering Web
site uses a secure connection to protect your privacy. A phone number is
also available on the main page for telephone orders (requires part number).

Click the link titled Find Part Numbers. 

Select a country from the drop-down menu in the top-right corner of the

Type the model number of the HP Pavilion into the field labeled "Enter an HP
Product Number or Name" (for example, XE735) and click Submit. A Product
Results Page appears. 

Select Software from the Part Type list, and then click Submit. 

A new page appears containing a list of all orderable software. This
document only covers recovery kits. If the word recovery is not in the
description, then a recovery kit is not available for the computer. This can
happen when the operating system on the recovery discs is obsolete and/or
HP's supply of discs has run out. 

Write down the part number of the recovery kit for future reference. 

Type the quantity of recovery kits you wish to order (1) into the left field
of the recovery kit part number. 

Click Order Selected Parts. 

Read and fill out all of the screens that appear.

I have seen some of the discs offered in online auctions while searching

I hope this helps.

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On 28/10/2003 at 5:06 PM Doug Keller wrote:

I need a set of recovery disks for this. Both of the customers
disks are all scratched up and won't read. It blows me away
that some people think a cd is indestructable. 
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