[24hoursupport] HOPE someone can help!

  • From: "Joellen Adams" <joellen@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 19 Oct 2003 08:22:02 -0500

I am still having a dickens of a time with this dang computer and of course I 
am DUH when it comes to doing things.
I did a download to update netscape to 7.1.  BUT it seems that since I did this 
I can't open ANY of my saved files that used to open in Corel Photo house.  The 
program just sits there and runs but will not open.  I have to ctl alt delete 
to get it to stop.  
Can anyone help me?  I have a LOT on my computer and saved to disks and I 
really need to be able to open them.
MY hubby wants me to install windowXP but I don't want to loose all that is on 
my computer.  He would work with it but unfortunately he is ill and can't.  I 
don't have any of this copied and I know I should on the cdrw but I am ignorant 
to that too.  ANY and ALL help would be greatly appreciated.
I know I should take a course for dummies!
Joellen in Illinois
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