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    Date: Mon, 9 Sep 2002 11:21:32 -0500
    From: "Dennis Jenkins" <djenkins@xxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: HDD Dilemma vs. CD-RW

I'm in the same boat with HD restrictions.

You can buy 20 gig HD's for about $70 delivered on pricewatch.  There are
multiple sources of removable drive frames.

Plextor is a frustrating outfit to deal with.

What software are you planning on using for backup purposes?

Dennis Jenkins

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 > Hello members!  A couple of weeks ago i submitted a post about purchasing
 > massive storage drive 120 GBs to be exact, external USB 2.0/1.1.  I have
 > been awaiting a response from Soltek the manufacturer of my motherboard to
 > find out if it would recognize in the most current BIOS a 102 GB drive.  I
 > got my answer this morning.  According to them it will ONLY recognize a
 > drive up to 32 GBs.
 > My question is does "modern" massive storage drives come with BIOS
 > extension so that older MBs will recognize a drive as large as 120 GBs. ?
 > If not then I will HAVE to resort to a CD-RW, but does the most current
 > technology work appropriately with older MBs?  I was thinking about the
 > Plextor SCSI interface or the TDK veloCD.
 > I could not find any research on this.  Anyone have the answers or at
 > the pointers to sites that will give me the conclusive info B4 I commit to
 > an expense one way or the other?  My MB is a Soltek SL67A-C i440bx chipset
 > onboard Adaptec Ultra SCSI-2 AIX7880.
 > I would prefer to utilize an external massive storage drive as opposed to
 > CD-RW but will settle if necessary.
 > Any or all input would be appreciated.
 > Thank you!
 > Barry ~ baronson@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Dennis!  I was planning on using Drive Image 2002 for my full system 
backups and System Commander to install various OSs for learning 
purposes.  As far as if I buy a burner or not I guess i would use Nero and 
still use Drive Image 2002 for my backups.  I have Ghost 2001 but it will 
not work with a Plextor 40/16/10S interface I have been told.

I am an A+ technician and this is STILL very perplexing as to what decision 
to make.

Now what do you think?

Barry ~ baronson@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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