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Hi Colleen,
you will want to look at a program like Deep Freeze

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On 11/5/2004 at 3:03 PM Colleen Gayle Lane wrote:

Good afternoon.
We're trying to set up public pcs for the library so we don't want users to
be able to make any changes.  We create a username and while we're setting
them up we give them administrative rights and then once we're all done we
change them back to guests.  There are a few little annoying things though:
1. When we have the user set up with administrative rights we set up the
power options to NEVER go off.  When we change them back to guests it goes
back to the monitor turning off after 20 minutes.

2. When the user has administrator rights we select our screensaver but then
when we put them back to guests it goes back to none as screensaver.

3. Also you know the little popup that comes up and says "Click on the start
up button"?  We turn it off with administrator rights, but it keeps popping
back up once we put them back to guests.

Any help in making these changes permanent would be appreciated.

Colleen Gayle Lane
Milton Public Library
45 Bruce Street
Milton, Ontario L9T 2L5
Phone: 905-875-2665 Ext. 3257
Fax: 905-875-4324
Web: www.mpl.on.ca[1] 

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