[24hoursupport] Fwd: looking for computer help for a friend

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  • Date: Tue, 19 Oct 2004 19:55:18 -0400

Subject: looking for computer help for a friend

hi, a friend of mine who is a novice at computers sent me this e-mail, i
gave him all the suggestions i can give. does anyone have any suggestions
too?thanks in advance.- jamie :
I need some PC Help ??
I have windows xp.
I'm having a problem with my Power Options .
you know where you go to the control panel . then displays you set the time
you want your Screen saver to come on .
and on the same page you can set your power options . well for some reason
the file got delete or ?? because when I go to set the power to like shut me
pc down all there is are greyed in boxes .
I can't click on them . and there is not numbers in the boxes ?
any idea of what might be wrong ?
all I know is that it's called the Power Options . I have looked and looked
for a download to maybe fix the broken file ? but don't seem to find one ?

it's like some one got into the PC . and deleted the options . in the long
box where it said save as .

like my computer .
max battery

them are all gone and it wont let me write any thing in that box it's all
blue ?
this is crazy . it was working a few days ago ?

any help . ??
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