[24hoursupport] Fw: Unwanted Emails

  • From: "Jerry" <Postcards1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <24hoursupport@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 22 Mar 2003 14:10:34 -0500


I get anywhere from 5 to 15 of these type emails per day - there are some days 
that I don't get any.

Do these type emails look familiar to anyone on the list?  I can't get the URLs 
to work to get these removed.  Some of them have URLs to click on to get 
removed [ not this one ] but the ones that do - the URLs don't work.   A lot of 
these emails are Porno in nature, some about weight loss, etc.  The senders 
email addy is always different.

thanks for any  help [email attached]

Jerry A

Subject here is "HIya"

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winona2@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx (winona2@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx) on Saturday, March 22, 2003 at 


Hiya! Here's my pics as promised! These are VERY PRIVATE, so PLEASE keep them 
between us!!   [ URL ]

If the link isn't working above, copy or click the link below
Click here,   [URL]



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