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Thanks, Ewen.  Your solution is very interesting and just could be my
problem.  I have a perfect Plextor CD writer (it has never written a bad
CD), but I often have a problem ejecting the CD and must restart before
I can get the drawer to open.  I've often wondered if it's just a little
too tight in there.

I'll check the FD when I get back from a wonderful long weekend with our


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> Hi, A~J
> I am not a experienced computer geek of any kind, but I had had the
> problem as you with my new desktop back some 10 months ago. It was a
> strange problem since it looks like simple and my FD was a new one. I
> a help to various MLs but was not as lucky as you who have got helpful
> responses (from Ron and Jim). I remember then I read a message
> about this problem and the solution sounded strange too, but it did
work and
> the FD has never got any problem at all since then.
> Solution: Open you PC's case ( or FD housing, if possible or not a
> and loosen a little bit the screws that immobize the FD on the 3.5"
> That's it! I was not sure if the it was due to missalignment of FD,
but I
> realize now from the words of Ron that it is very likely caused by a
> physical deshape to the FD. My previous PC case design had only two
> bays, hence the the HD must be fixed next to the FD, I found the
heating of
> the HD also affect the functionality of FD. So, I modifed the 3.5"
bays (now
> I changed a PC case) making th HD away from FD. Since then the FD
> has completely gone.
> Hope this help a little!
> Ewen

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