[24hoursupport] Explorer Desktop error message on boot SOLVED

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  • Date: Thu, 31 Mar 2005 21:23:08 -0600

Problem solved and it's worth sharing how I did it.

A friend told me to go to Start/Run/msconfig, General tab, and 
first uncheck 'Load Startup Group Items' to help determine the 
problem source. When the error mssg failed to appear, he said it 
was a good sign and meant it was one of the startup programs, not 
something worse.

Then he had me do the same thing again, but leave the 'Load 
Startup Group Items' line alone, and go to the Startup tab 
instead; as in Start/Run/msconfig, Startup tab, and uncheck 
programs one at a time and reboot, until I found the one that 
-when unchecked- would result in no error message.

I found old programs in the Startup tab I had uninstalled and not 
used in over a year, and unchecked them all first. On reboot, the 
problem was solved.

It helped to have both EndItAll2 which can tell at a glance the 
filepath to all program .exe locations, and StartCop which can 
tell what's set to start on boot, and reset it not to start on 
boot. StartCop also gives .exe filepaths to everything, but you 
have to right click each item to see it, much less convenient than 

I like to share my answers when I find them myself (with help) 
like this. Thank you.


0e60wq102-at-sneakemail.com |24hoursupport@xxxxxxxxxxxxx| wrote:
> On boot now, I get a mini-window titled 'Explorer' that has an 
> 'illegal operation' error message...

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