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Open a clean book1.  Try looking in her Excel settings.  Check Tools /
Macro / Macros to see what or if any macros are included in the original
excel book.  Also look under Tools / Options on the General tab.  What's
in the "At startup open all files in" box?  Save the blank new workbook
as test.xls or something.  What's the file size?  If it is normal size,
then open the problem file.  Since you have no formulas or graphics in
it, do a select all and copy the contents.  Open a new book, do a "paste
special" and select "values".  Save the new book and check the file
size.  It is important that you do the paste special as it will avoid
bringing over any formatting corruption that might be in the original


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I am don't use Excel very much so I am able to solve this one for a
friend of mine.

She has an Excel file with Very little data in it.
But the File size is 2.06 way to big to fit on a floppy disk
She has halved the original and it does not decrease in size She has
halved that again and still it does not decrease the size. It is like it
is saving embedded fonts or something like that. There are not graphics
in it just text no formulas. I have created a simular file with twice
the amount of data that is in here original And my file size is 150kb

Does anyone have any clue as to what is going on.

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