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  • Date: Thu, 18 Jul 2002 02:48:56 -0400

Good morning

Actually you have made a point Joe however you have
gone beyond your point.

Outlook and Outlook Express yes are the most
vulnerable email clients, however they can be patched
and updated to "help" protect against some of the
recent vulnerabilities.

Those Vulnerabilites are not 95% of the latest virus
(as mentioned in your original post)  Those
vulnerabilites only include some of the Email Worms
(worms being different then virus).   Some worms as
in that Klez and other Newer worms don't even need
outlook or outlook express to reproduce  they use
their own SMTP engines,  they don't require windows
address book to find others to send to they can use
any number of ways to obtain email addresses.

Not to mention some cant just dump outlook as you
suggested,  they may be required to use it and it
alone at work which becomes a necessity to use it at
home if they wish to easily keep emails synchronized.
 And what about Netscape mail users ?  and Eudora ?
those email clients can be just as vulnerable to
these same email worms especially the newer ones and
have been to other older worms.

Point here is  Outlook is vulnerable  this is a
given,  keep it updated/patched to protect against
those email worms and keep your antivirus program
updated to have additional protection against those
same email worms and for every other type of
infection that may try to get into your system.


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On 7/17/02 at 06:21 PM Joe Parker wrote:

>Oh? Name any widespread virus/trojan/worm attack in
the last couple years
>Klez, Melissa, Badtrans, Nimda, et al. Notice
anything in common? They all 
>do their dirty work via Outlook. Dump Outlook and
you've gone a *long* way 
>towards protecting yourself. They mostly do no harm
at all to systems 
>running e.g. Pegasus and more importantly cannot
propagate. Not so with 
>You're certainly right that anyone can get a virus
in a variety of ways. 
>But they don't infect *100* others if they aren't
running Outlook!

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