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I support 9000 pc's and Mac's at my job. About 3000 of them got infected
with the Frethem virus on Monday, we are still disinfecting their systems.
Of the 9000 about 200 have Outlook or Outlook Express installed. Klez,
Melissa, Badtrans, Nimda, Navidad you name it they got it and spread it,
without Outlook. The information you gave is misleading if not wrong. Eudora
and Netscape is used on these systems.

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> Oh? Name any widespread virus/trojan/worm attack in the last couple
years -
> Klez, Melissa, Badtrans, Nimda, et al. Notice anything in common? They all
> do their dirty work via Outlook. Dump Outlook and you've gone a *long* way
> towards protecting yourself. They mostly do no harm at all to systems
> running e.g. Pegasus and more importantly cannot propagate. Not so with
> Outlook.
> You're certainly right that anyone can get a virus in a variety of ways.
> But they don't infect *100* others if they aren't running Outlook!

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