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  • Date: Fri, 21 Nov 2003 17:07:52 -0800


Hi Folks, 
Toni Helenius has released the final version of his EasyCleaner2.

I installed it today and ran the registry cleaner using the default settings
on my Windows XP computer without any problems.

I did set a restore point prior to using it and re booted after running it.
Everything still seems to work correctly.
A good FREE program


His Press Release

It's no BETA nor ALPHA. It feels good, it looks good and it does good. 
And what is the best about it? It is finally here (and still free)! 
EasyCleaner 2.0 released! Currently only available in Finnish and 
English but you can except more languages maybe within the next two 

All the major issues has been addressed, nearly everything has changed 
(for better of course). Here is a somewhat detailed list what has 
changed from the 1.7f release:

- Almost a complete re-write!
- New interface
- Registry cleaner now 110% accurate
- New utility, add/remove cleaner
- New utility, startup cleaner
- New utility, undo-tool
- Ability to clear IE temporary files, history and cookies
- Ability to clear the most recently used list
- Lots of more options in unnecessary file finder (IE cookies, history 
and temp files, temp dirs, MS Office recent, custom dirs)
- Duplicate file finder re-writen, unbelievable speed!
- Start-menu cleaner --> Shortcut cleaner, more efficient + ability to 
search the desktop
- Auto-update
- Blacklist, like the virus-definition file in anti-virus software. Fast 
fix to new found problems

- The infamous bug in Windows XP/ME that made help & support unusable 
after registry clean
- EasyCleaner broke Office XP after deleting unnecessary files

You can read more from my pages, as well as for the download. I do hope 
you like it!

ToniArts web page:

Yours Toni Helenius, ToniArts

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