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At 20:45 8/11/2002 -0400, you wrote:
>I don't have a Windows 2000 with me to check on, but I think if you go
>to Start / Programs / Accessories / System Tools and click on Backup you
>will be able to create a recovery disk from within there.  In reading
>your problem though, I doubt that will help you to create a recovery
>disk on a system that is not healthy.  My suggestion would be that you
>run the Windows 2000 setup again and this time choose the SECOND repair
>option you see.  Skip by the first option and continue as though you
>were doing a full install.  Then press R to repair at the second option.
>This will re-install windows on top of the existing install without the
>need to re-install all your programs.  It will bring windows back to the
>original state so you will need to reapply critical updates and service
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>Hello Group!  I have tried in vain to figure out how to be able to
>create a
>new ERD or even an update to the old one for the last 2 months.  For
>various reasons I DO NOT want to do another clean install because
>everything  is working fine with the exception of this inability.
>Is there a way to repair whatever is corrupted in my repair folder or
>accidentally deleted?  I have tried with the repair option in Windows
>Pro setup disks, but the situation stays the same.  My CD is
>a composite one from a corporate friend who burned 3 different OSs  on
>CD.  Pro, Server and Advanced Server.  He did not make any of it
>but I have the 4 boot disks and they work just fine to get me back to
>desktop. In the past I have relied on tape backups to restore whatever
>wrong but lately this method or my media is not working correctly.  I
>cannot afford to get any new equipment, hence no CD-RW and the tapes are
>quite expensive especially if they have a heavy failure rate.
>This brings me to my installation of the Recovery Console as a boot
>option.  I thought that this would be my best choice in the event that
>unrecoverable crash occurred.  But for some reason the console does not
>open up at boot, but of course still is allowed at the 4th boot disk,
>this is annoying as to why if it is offered as boot option it does not
>open up.
>I should tell you that my Windows 2000 Pro partition is a dual boot
>situation with Windows 98SE where the boot.ini file exists, as well as
>other boot files for Windows 2000.  Also I am on an ADSL 768 kps
>So if anyone could help me with a tip on one or both subjects I would be
>Barry ~ baronson@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Spider!  I have done all that you recommend in you response except the 
second option repair.  I did not want to reinstall all the critical updates 
and service pack 2, but IF you say that it is the only way to get the ERD 
update back then I guess I have no choice in the matter.

This could be simplified if only I had a CD-RW, but i don't and that is 
something I have been waiting on for a long time following all the newest 
technologies for mass storage and recovery.

The only unhealthy thing about my system currently is this inability.

Thank you,

Barry ~ baronson@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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