[24hoursupport] ERD and Recovery Console as a boot option

  • From: Barry Aronson <baronson@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: 24hoursupport@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 10 Aug 2002 21:02:48 -0500

Hello Group!  I have tried in vain to figure out how to be able to create a 
new ERD or even an update to the old one for the last 2 months.  For 
various reasons I DO NOT want to do another clean install because 
everything  is working fine with the exception of this inability.

Is there a way to repair whatever is corrupted in my repair folder or EVEN 
accidentally deleted?  I have tried with the repair option in Windows 2000 
Pro setup disks, but the situation stays the same.  My CD is unfortunately 
a composite one from a corporate friend who burned 3 different OSs  on one 
CD.  Pro, Server and Advanced Server.  He did not make any of it bootable, 
but I have the 4 boot disks and they work just fine to get me back to the 
desktop. In the past I have relied on tape backups to restore whatever went 
wrong but lately this method or my media is not working correctly.  I 
cannot afford to get any new equipment, hence no CD-RW and the tapes are 
quite expensive especially if they have a heavy failure rate.

This brings me to my installation of the Recovery Console as a boot 
option.  I thought that this would be my best choice in the event that an 
unrecoverable crash occurred.  But for some reason the console does not 
open up at boot, but of course still is allowed at the 4th boot disk, but 
this is annoying as to why if it is offered as boot option it does not open up.

I should tell you that my Windows 2000 Pro partition is a dual boot 
situation with Windows 98SE where the boot.ini file exists, as well as the 
other boot files for Windows 2000.  Also I am on an ADSL 768 kps connection.

So if anyone could help me with a tip on one or both subjects I would be 

Barry ~ baronson@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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