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I would be happy to help however I can. I need to take a few minutes to put 
something together. Are you using a laptop or desktop computer, and what kind 
is it? You will need to think about which Linux distro you want to try. I am 
currently using RedHat 9. You need some partitioning software like Partition 
Magic or Partition Commander. Depending on which disrtro you will use, you'll 
need a swap partition of around twice the amount of ram you have and at least 
one more for your root partition. I have  root, boot, and swap partitions. Swap 
is around 500 Mb, boot is 100 Mb, and root is around 26 Gb. My WinXP partition 
is around 24 Gb. 

Another important decision will be which boot loader to use. Two popular ones 
are Lilo and Grub. I have switched to Grub after using Lilo for several years. 
I now prefer Grub. Your default boot loader will probably be determined by the 
distro you choose. I put the boot loader in the MBR. Either boot loader allows 
you to boot to either Windows or Linux or Dos or FreeBSD or or or or. I 
actually leave at least two linux kernels to choose from. You don't need more 
partitions for this. 

I'll stop here for now. Questions will come up as you go. Feel free to ask when 
you need help. And be sure to take stock of your hardware and check it against 
the hardware compatibility lists for your distro. Win modems don't generally 
work, and wireless cards can be really tricky. I use Linuxant's Driverloader to 
use my wireless card with WinXP drivers. It's about a $20 expense. There are 
free options, but Linuxant's Driverloader was an easy solution for me. My RH9 
distro was free, so what the heck. 

Good luck-- d

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Doug. (Oliver): Could you please give us details of your linux/XP dual boot, 
especially how you set it up. I am about to attempt this and would appreciate 
you sharing your experience.

Richard Innes
Auckland New Zealand

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