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You know, I just switched from RedHat to Slackeware 8.1beta, and I'm 
liking it better than RH7.2. You're not bound by the dependencies in the 
same way. I think the install was easier also. I had been using RH since 
5.0. It has most of the usual programs that come in RH including some RH 
programs. I switched on the advice of a Linux guru I worked with at the 
university. He burned me the disks. I would never have changed if I had 
to download from the web over my 33.6 modem.

Actually, the only one that tries to be soley open source is Debian. I 
haven't tried that but I would like to. Mandrake and RH are almost the 
same. I don't know for sure, but I think Mandrake is built on RH. If you 
want a real thrill, download tomsrtbt., and make a bootable linux on a 
single floppy. The latest version has drivers for mounting ntfs 
partitions as well as the usual ext2, vfat(dos), dos, and others. Most 
man(ual) pages are also included. If you get a simple book to get 
yourself started, you can bootup and play safely. It all loads into ram, 
so you can just shut down if you get stuck.

Look around at www.gnu.org and www.linux.org to get more information. If 
you don't want to download, you can go to a site like www.cheapbytes.com 
and find things on CD at a reasonable price--$6 to $14 US or so.

If you want to run like DOS with no GUI, you can work in a space of 
about 80Mb. That will include some pretty powerful programs. Whatever 
you plan to do, do it with a good heart and don't get too frustrated. -- d

Ray wrote:

>My personal Choice is Redhat Linux or maybe Mandrake
>Most Linux packages are open source so basically they
>are free and you can download it or Go to a newagency
>and see if you can get it with a magazine.
>Here in Aussie... You can get redhat 7.3 with a pocketbook
>for $15
>Check out
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>>Is there a downloadable site for it somewhere? I'll admit that not only
>>am I cheap, I have never even tried linux. *laughs*
>>thanks for the replies!
>>Ray wrote:
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