[24hoursupport] Deleting email in ISP inbox

  • From: "Paul M. King" <peking7@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: 24hoursupport@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 12 Nov 2002 15:08:14 -0800


I recently had some difficulty in deleting email in my Mindspring (Earthlink)
mailbox after they advised me that it was stuffed and I could no longer 
email until it was emptied.

I went to Tools | Options | Incoming Mail and unchecked the box allowing mail
to be left on the ISP server. This didn't solve my problem and the stuffed
mailbox continued to impede the flow of email into the Eudora mailbox on
my computer. I ended up calling tech support at Earthlink for aid. They 
deleted the glutted inbox, but left me without a clear understanding of how to
do it myself.

I should be able to delete mail in the server inbox because I have done it in
the past. Now the method eludes me and I'm not getting much assistance from
Eudora help sites on the web. The procedure should be pretty much the same
regardless of which mail client one uses.

Advice anyone?

Paul King

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