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There are a lot of posibilites as to what is wrong, and most are usually
cheap to fix=2E  As for the monitor, how do you know the monitor is actual=
dead?  Have you tried it on another computer to determine this?  Once you
determine this, then connect a working monitor to the computer and go from=

there=2E  If the computer still isn't working, then let the hardware
troubleshooting begin!

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From: Paul M=2E King peking7@mindspring=2Ecom
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Subject: [24hoursupport] Dead computer and monitor


I started to help a friend to start up a used computer the other day and r=
into a dead monitor and CPU=2E The pilot light came on for the monitor, bu=
t no
images=2E The computer pilot lights for the CD ROM drive and the floppy li=
lit up=2E There was no clicking of the kind one hears when Windows 98 load=

My experience with dead computers extends only to crashes which corrupt
files and require reformatting and reinstallation of Win98SE and to
faulty components when I can pinpoint the cause of failure=2E

My conclusions about my friend's computer, acquired from a corporation sho=
for disposing of outdated office equipment, are these:

=091=2E The monitor may need to go to the shop=2E
=092=2E There is no operating system in the computer=2E
=093=2E Both of the above=2E

The equipment was tested and said to be in operating condition when sold=2E=

I assume that the company removed Windows 98 before putting the units up
for sale=2E

Since the cost was minimal and my friend is a beginner, I have advised him=

buy a brand new plug and play unit from a reputable manufacturer=2E It sho=
with Windows XP and a warranty, thereby assuaging his anxiety and minimizi=
equipment trouble while he is learning=2E He can easily do this for $600 o=

I would welcome comments and advice=2E

Paul King

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