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Hello Paul,

>I just found "DVD Demystified" at my library"s website and put it on
>hold. This
>volume will tell me much more than I need to know.
>I would still appreciate any personal experience with this new technology,
>matter how brief, to help me understand how you folks are using it.

It's an unusual situation for me to be suggesting that any computer=
 technology may not be at least somewhat useful, but that's where I'm at=
 tonight with your question.

I went out of my way to get a DVD player when I built my latest PC about a=
 year ago. I played a movie for about 10 minutes once, marveled at the=
 sharpness and clarity of the picture and the crispness of the sound=
 through the digital sound card and speaker system I have... and have since=
 used it entirely as a normal CD-ROM drive. I also find that it is much=
 more appropriate and comfortable to watch DVD movies on a more traditional=
 DVD player connected to my TV set.

When I bought the DVD-ROM drive, it was with the expectation that many new=
 software titles would be coming out on DVD media. This was the talk at the=
 time I bought my DVD drive, and I fell for it. Although there are a few=
 software titles you can buy on DVD, the format has simply not taken off as=
 expected. At least, not yet. If and when that ever does happen, look for=
 DVD drives to essentially replace CD-ROM. But for now, unless there is a=
 specific need or desire to watch DVD movies on the computer, I'd save the=
 extra few bucks and just get a CD-ROM drive.

The 48X you referred to in your previous message is the speed of the drive.=
 For movie playback, this is essentially meaningless because all movie DVDs=
 are played at the same speed, which is, I believe, 1X or the base speed.=
 Anything faster is wasted on DVD movies. With DVD software, the speed=
 becomes a critical factor as the drive must be fast enough to load data=
 into the computer without causing annoying pauses or taking too long to=
 load large data files. The same is true of CD-ROM drives, at least up to=
 the point where the drive is faster than the bus it is connected to, but=
 with CD-ROM drives there is more justification for getting a faster drive=
 because it makes software loading smoother.

Hope this helps.


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