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Have you applied the recent update to Windows Error Reporting?  I know
Windows Error Reporting was always intended to provide fix information if it
was available but never quite delivered on the process.  They recently put
out an update at
c3d8-5053-436e-b898-9cd995292baa that claims to improve the error reporting
process and offer more fixes.  I'm the suspicious type so my guess is that
non microsoft companies are paying some sort of fee to have their fixes come
up in an error report.  I would follow the suggested fix only to the point
of realizing that you need to remove spyware from your system.  Do that
using Spybot and/or Ad-aware.  See my previous lengthy post on how to do
that if you're not up on it.


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I received an error report regarding IE. I clicked for more information =
and was taken to this Microsoft site
http://oca.microsoft.com/en/Response.asp?SID=3D613 Which had the below

"Analysis Information

Thank you for submitting an error report. The Online Crash Analysis =
service has processed and analyzed this report.

To view troubleshooting information that may prevent this problem from
occurring again, see the Web site
http://www.pestpatrol.com/msigetnetsupport.asp. "

I've never know Microsoft to refer to software repairs other than their =
Any ideas what they are referring too? Is this something I should get or =
are their other alternatives?

Windows XP Professional,




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