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I have the framework of what I think will work in terms of rules to
block spam.  I am simulating what  Choice Mail does only this is free
since it is using message rules to accomplish this.  I kind of like it
actually.  I'm not ready to give the details on it yet as I want to test
it some more.  Also, I need to figure out an effective way of handling
the various mailer-daemon messages I get back telling me that my message
to the spammer can not be delivered.  I don't mind getting them, but I
want to trap them as they come in so I don't continue sending my
template to the mailer-daemon.  Anyway, if you want to check it out,
just send me a message to jmills@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and shortly after I get
your message you should get an auto response from me.  Anyone else that
wants to see what I am doing can feel free to send me an email to that
address as well.

Largo, Florida 33771

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Thanks for sending a very detailed answer regarding the Choice Mail.   I
computer illiterate so I will not consider the program at all. I look
forward to your research on this problem. Thanks Laura
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