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I have not used or seen this before but I visited the site and
downloaded the documentation.  On review it looks pretty good if it
works as advertised although it can get a little complex.  A novice
might have some problems with configuration and/or miss some features of
the program by not knowing what is going on.  It basicly sets up a proxy
server between your email and your mail server and processes rules
before sending the mail on to your email software.  My main question on
it is the relience of their website for the user "registration" page.
What happens if they go out of business or someone buys them and decides
not to support the software anymore?  It would still work OK for
existing registered users but future ones would have to be setup
manually.  You also should realize that you will be making it difficult
for others to email you if you don't already have them approved.  Some
people may not like the steps it takes to send you an email.  It
certainly looks like an effective way to get rid of junk mail though.

That said, I can pretty much duplicate the process that this 30 dollar
program is using for free by using message rules in Outlook 2002 or
Outlook Express version 6.  I can setup a rule that rejects any message
from people that are not in my address book.  I can set the rule to auto
send a message when it is rejected.  In that message I can include a
link to my website's feedback form and have that user submit a form
which will get past my block and allow me to add that user to my address
book.  I can setup multiple address books in either OE or Outlook and
use a separate address book for each of the 4 email accounts I pull in.
I know this works as I have already done it and tested it on one
account.  I just have not taken the time to set it up completely yet.

Your question has motivated me to move that task up on my priority list
and get it done (this weekend).  After that I'll get rid of mailwasher.
Mailwasher is a great spam control program.  It's to bad the spambots
ignore the bounced messages and continue to send anyway.  It pretty much
renders mailwasher useless except for deleting the spam before it gets
to you.

Largo, Florida 33771

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Anyone used Choice Mail for spam?

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