[24hoursupport] Cable generated interference

  • From: Robert Carneal <carnealr@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: 24hoursupport@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 16 Aug 2003 06:37:21 -0500

Hello everyone. Some advice/help please.
I have two computers & three monitors. Due to my hobbies, three monitors 
overcome some problems I had with just using one or two monitors.

When using +one+ computer and three monitors, there is/are no interference 
from video and power cables. I have purchased another computer and three 
manual video monitor switches to allow me to switch monitors to whichever 
computer I am using. I switch boxes are currently manual, I have no idea if 
they are shielded. How can I tell if the boxes themselves are shielded?

Problem: The interference generated by the video cables/power cables 
interferes with the clarity of the monitors' picture. The home desk office 
is not large enough for ideal spreading out of cables to prevent interference.

Task: To be able to use three monitors on +either+ machine without having 
to spend the money for new monitors. Local technicians suggested replacing 
all three monitors with a single gas plasma Gateway-like TV (but use it as 
a monitor). Plus, I can't afford a monitor that nice yet.

Cables: I purchased shielded cables throughout for monitors.  The cables 
are shielded on both ends. If there is such a thing as a shielded power 
cable, they are not selling that locally.

Required: Some type of setup that allows me to use either/or computer 
without video interference, but still use all three monitors. The switch 
boxes I am currently using to switch between computers are Manhattan, if 
that affects anything.

Another suggestion offered to me: Have an electrician install a six foot 
strip that would allow plugging in the monitors anywhere- instead of 
bundling them up close together on a 8-plug surge protector.

Ideally preferred: ONE switch box that will accept two computers and three 
(or more) monitors, and allow me to select which computer I want to work 
with and which (or all) monitors I want to work with. Possible? I have 
never seen such a switch box, does that exist?

Second ideally preferred: Two (or more) switch boxes that accomplish the 
above, but with no interference generated.

Can anyone provide guidance or suggestions?

You may write to me direct or to the list. Gratefully, thank you.


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