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> The drive continues to operate as a straightforward CD Rom Drive, but
> all CD R and CDRW functions are inaccessible to me=2E In Control
> Panel/System Properties/Device Manager, the drive is correctly listed
> and a CD RW drive, and it says "is working correctly", but it clearly
> isn't=2E

> Possible Causes of the Problem=2E

> Although I have burned several CD's I had never Ripped a CD, and I
> wanted to copy a music CD, so I was trying to Rip for the first time=2E
> I have subsequently learned that it is usual to copy a CD from one
> drive to another, (which of course I cannot do!) but I was thinking
> that there would be a way to "save" the CD onto my Hard Disk and then
> burn it onto a CD R Disc using the CD RW Drive=2E As I was having
> difficulty doing this with this with the software that I had on my
> system I tried downloading other CD RW software programs from the
> Internet=2E These were equally unable to perform this task, but in the
> process of installing and uninstalling these programs it is possible
> that I have done something that has resulted in my problem=2E
> I am unaware of any other possible cause=2E

Actually, it is recommended that when you copy cds=2E=2E especially audio =
that you do NOT copy from one drive to another=2E  It is best to make an
image of the cd on the hard drive first, so that you greatly minimize the
chance of getting a buffer underrun, and a coaster as a result=2E
For audio cd ripping, I highly recommend a program called "Exact Audio
Copy"=2E  You can download it from the site:
Unlike most audio cd rippers, this one is able to perform error detection,=

thus helping to ensure that your copy comes out without clicks - especiall=
useful if you are copying scratched CDs=2E


> I have re-installed Windows 98SE - it has not made any difference=2E

Was this is clean install or a "dirty" install?

> I have tried Uninstalling all the software relating to the drive and
> then re installing it, using the disc that came with the drive, but it
> seems to just load the RW burning programs, but it does seem to have
> any drivers or other software relating to the drive itself=2E

That is correct, as the driver for the drive itself is just the standard
IDE CD ROM driver that comes with Windows, as is the case with all standar=
CD ROM drives=2E  The drive itself might come with DOS drivers, but this i=
only for use in DOS=2E
As for detecting it as a writer, that's the cd burning software's job=2E

> I haven't physically examined the drive and the connectors, as I
> assume that if it is working as a conventional CD Rom drive, the
> connections must be sound=2E

Most of the time, this is correct=2E=2Ebut it never hurts to check these
things, even if it is just for kicks=2E

are you sure you uninstalled all traces of anything you installed?  It
could be possible that some poorly written software is trying to take over=

the drive=2E  What program came with the writer by the way?=20

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