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Hi Paul,
I think you will have to use Disk Management.  
Right click on My Computer and select Properties.
On the left side highlight Disk Management, on the right side right
click on the drive you wish to change and choose Change Drive Letters
and Paths...
Right click My Computer and select "Manage"...click on Disk Manager on
the left....look in the bottom pane on the right and you will see the CD
drives.....right click on them and choose "change drive letter and

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On 1/5/2005 at 6:13 PM Paul M. King wrote:

I am in the disk management section of the MS management console attempting 
to assign a drive letters and find the help text confusing. I have created 
five partitions on a 40 gig HD in a WinXP Home system.

All drives are in place and formatted. Only C:\ and G:\ are labeled, 
although I labeled the others earlier while restoring the OS to a cleanly 
formatted HD. How to I go about labeling Drives D, E, and F?

I had thought the letters I assigned while restoring the OS would stick to 
the new partitions, but to my amazement they have not.

Paul King

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