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I agree with the previous post that you can install XP on top of itself and
should not lose data.  To me though the safest thing is to do a "side"
install to another directory being careful to not select a reformat during
the setup and install to Windows2 or something like that.  I've done both
but I prefer the side install.  Once done they can do data recovery and
reformat and reinstall afterwards if they want.


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Hello Group,

I have a friend who is working in a small office with no IT support that
needs help. Apparently a co-worker got upset and left abruptly, and now
refuses to give anyone the password to her Windows XP machine. There is no
admin account showing on the welcome screen, and nobody there knows the
admin password anyway. I'm away from all of my usual resources except this
list and need a clue myself.
Is there a way for them to access the files on that machine at this point?

They are obviously going to make some changes with regards to their computer
policies <g> but in the meantime they are pretty anxious to get to the data
on this machine as it is affecting their day-to-day work. Any hints would be

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