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 Like I said, one of many possible scenarios.  I think we both agree in the
general principle that Yahoo is not the one bouncing the message.  Point
being, it is not something that Yahoo can easily correct since they are
simply the trigger that fires the many guns owned by the various ISP's.  The
one thing I can see Yahoo doing to improve the situation is how they deal
with the bounces.  I think they lock out the users a little to quickly but
that is only my opinion since I do not know the extent of the resource
problem this causes for them.


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Just so you all know, I got my information directly from one of the
engineers at Yahoo! Groups.

Your scenario sounds pretty promising.  I've got a slightly different
theory.  It's not that Y! Groups is triggering a spam response in my
scenario, but simply that the huge amount of mail is just overwhelming some
ISP's mailservers.


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