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This still sounds like a driver related problem. What you should do is visit
the website of each of the model manufacturers and look for a "support" area
or a "download drivers" area.  Remove the modems from Control Panel when
reinstalling the drivers.  If the problem persists, look back on their
websites for some type of contact information for their support and see if
they can offer any advice.  Serial modems should plug and play one time and
be there on demand.


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Sorry a bit Slack with the info
All three machines are 56k External Modems with Serial Connections All have
the latest XP Drivers installed.

1. is Netcomm Roadster (Friend) If you forget you can just do a re-start and
then it will be initialised 2. is Swann Netslider (Mine) If you forget you
can just do a re-start and then it will be initialised 3. is Maestro
(Friend) If you forget you need to do a complete shutdown and then it will
be initialised All of them since going from either Windows 98 or ME to XP
need to be switched on before the computer is turned on.

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