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Evening Arthur

try this

emailto  ecartis@xxxxxxxxxxxxx with the subject
"lists"  (without the quotes)   will give you In
email a complete list of lists hosted at freelists as
well as a description of the list if one is

Or to go to the web page to view lists try going to
where you can review lists by category   or you can
search by possible listnames

If you still want to "signup"  (altho it really isn't
necessary)  go to

I do hope that helps


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On 5/2/02 at 6:28 AM Arthur Jervis wrote:

>My apologies if this question has been asked before.
I took a look at the
>home page at this list server wishing to open an
account with them to be
>able to view lists that I may wish to subscribe to
in the future. And have
>control over e-mail messages sent to my computer in
the same way that one
>can with Yahoo groups. I found at the top of the web
page a link labeled
>sign up, which seems to enable people to start-up
mail lists.
>Can you tell me where on the home page I need to go
to sine up as with
>Yahoo groups if this is possible at freelists?
>Regards Arthur Jervis United Kingdom.

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