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  • Date: Wed, 28 Jul 2004 22:16:42 -0700 (PDT)

I'm not sure what to say. As a freebie ZA user, I don't know if reporting it 
would get any feedback. There's at least a dozen program Pro versions I'd love 
to try, if I had $40 to $50 for each, which I don't. 

Here's my latest theory. I uninstalled ZA, and only then, after thinking for 
months that Spybot Search & Destroy's updater was defective, was it finally 
able to download an update, and found 73 bits of spyware. I deleted them. 

Today, I got on and PortExplorer showed over 100 ports running, but I could not 
even get on the internet, so I shut down and rebooted, then  ran and updated 
Spybot S&D, and it found 9 more bits of spyware and deleted them, and 
PortExplorer showed much more normal action. 

I'm wondering if ZA had formerly been shutting down internet access because of 
the hidden spyware, but not sure. 

I just installed Spyware Blaster, which prevents spyware from installing. Then 
I updated Stinger and ran it but found nothing. 

I've also been trying to configure GhostSurf Pro, which I just installed, and 
it can inhibit web surfing if it's set too secure and you try to go to an 
invasive site. 

So sorting things out is a little hectic. But I definitely credit ZA with some 
of this.

A tech support guy at TDS-3 told me to download and try a firewall called Kirio 
4, at www.kerio.com, which gives the private home user the Pro version free for 
30 days and then a more limited freeware version keeps working indefinitely. He 
thinks it's a pretty good firewall so I'm thinking of checking it out.

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Did you report it ?   What did the company say about it ?  Is it a reg bug
for them or what ?   mep

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