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  • Date: Fri, 26 Dec 2003 13:09:16 -0800

Hi Jeff,
Merry Christmas
I found this link;
DECEMBER 26, 2003 
NeoPlanet Browser v5.2 Build 1704

Personalize your surfing experience with this customizable Web browser.
Browse in style using an interface that you can dress up with your choice of
over 500 skins. You can select images of popular musicians, movies, TV
shows, and other themes. The browser includes advanced search and Web
directory support for fast access to your favorite sites. Other features
include a built-in e-mail client, multiple user profiles, and Flash support.
  go to download site 
 ++ There is more on the web site.

A Google search for "Neoplanet browser"  brings up over 2,000 hits

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On 26/12/2003 at 12:59 PM jeff.needle@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

Happy holidays to all, hope all are doing well.

Does anyone have information on the Neoplanet browser?  The people who put
it together 
seem to have disappeared from the face of the earth.  E-mail to their site
goes unanswered.  I 
wonder if they've just folded.

Thanks much.

Jeffrey Needle

Download NeoPlanet at http://www.neoplanet.com
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