[1stlightning] Homework and Training Notes

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1st PLT,

Attached is the advance sheet with the homework. CPT Blair will most likely 
check it tomorrow, it would be a good idea to do it on a separate sheet of 
paper if he wants it to be passed in. If you don't have the class files on your 
desktop, make sure you get them on there tomorrow. 

Notes from the training meeting:

-Tact- Treat cadre with due respect.  They should treat you with the same. Let 
me know if there's a problem. When addressing cadre refer to other students as 
LT____ (ex. I gave my pass packet to LT Gallo...not: I gave my pass packet to 
Gallo). This is just a professional thing that the CO wants us to get used to.

-Slow down when entering/exiting parking lots.  Also, for those who aren't 
already aware.  The flag is lowered at 1700 every day.  If you're driving at 
this time, the standard is to pull over, exit your vehicle and salute the flag. 
 This is the standard at every Army post.  Be aware of the time.

-If you do not own a pair of ASU's you need to get them for graduation along 
with a beret. Stetsons are also authorized to wear to Stable Calls by all 
students.  Don't buy them yet though, CPT Blair is going to provide a list of 
legit stetsons so you don't buy one that looks like a cowboy hat and look like 
a jackass.

-If you have any distinguished guests (LTC or higher, SGM or higher, GS-13 or 
higher) that plan on coming to Dining In or Graduation please let me know.

That should do it. See you all at 0550 tomorrow.


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