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Please see below from Tieszen, let me know if there are questions and I'll get 
an answer asap.


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> From: "Tieszen, Matthew E 2LT MIL USA TRADOC" <matthew.e.tieszen@xxxxxxxxxxx>
> Subject: Info for L Troop (UNCLASSIFIED)
> Date: May 3, 2012 6:26:54 PM EDT
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> Cc: "Isaac Todd" <iht5@xxxxxxxxxxx>
> Please forward to your platoons. 
> Gentleman, 
>      Please read the following and go through your chain of command if you 
> have any questions. This is an overview of some events coming up and more 
> details will follow for each event. 
> 1. Land Nav retest is on Thursday, May 10th. Lt. Morgan is the OIC for this. 
> He will be providing further details for those going on the retest. 
> 2. Supply retest is tentatively scheduled for May 10th. It could change to 
> the 11th, but prepare for the 10th. Continue to study.
> 3. Maintenance retest is scheduled for May 11th at 0500-0600. Again, continue 
> to study.  
> 4. We will be the field May 17th overnight through the 18th. On the 18th the 
> FRG will be holding a potluck from 1130-1300. While you will not be able to 
> attend, Captain High is inviting anyone who wishes to attend to join him and 
> others for lunch. He will be sending an invite to those on the FRG list.  
> 5. Memorial Day passes are due NLT May 11th. You can get a pass packet from 
> your Black 6. If you have not done a pass packet, there is an example of what 
> to do on the bulletin board outside the cadre office. For those flying, 
> Captain High has said you are not to schedule any flights before 1930 on 
> Thursday May 24th. If you are driving and your drive time takes you late into 
> the night or early morning you are not to depart until Friday, May 25 unless 
> you are staying at a hotel or driving with a partner. 
> I hope this adds some light onto our schedule. 
> V/R 
> 2LT Matt Tieszen 

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