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See below about uniforms for Grad and Dining In. There's also information about the Stetsons.


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Subject: Grad and Dine-In Uniform (UNCLASSIFIED)
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    Here is some notes to pass on from our meeting with Captain High.  

1. For graduation you are required to wear ASUs and beret. If you do not have ASUs and have the old Army Greens you will need to get a set of ASUs. Also, if you have not done so start working on forming your beret.

2. For the dine-in, we will all be wearing Stetsons. The Stetson should be black and have a black and gold cord around it. In regards to the cord, if you have deployed you may knot the cord. If you have not deployed, you are not to knot the cord. On the front of the Stetson you will also pin your rank, and the 16 and crossed sabers ensignia. See picture or talk to your black 5/6 if you want a visual. From what I understand, the 316 unit pin some wear on the back of their Stetson is not mandatory.

You may purchase the Stetson where ever you choose. In the area, Ranger Joe's is the only place you can try on the Stetson before you purchase it. All others are mail order. When you do purchase your Stetson make sure it is a Stetson, it will say Stetson on the inside of the it. NO COWBOY HATS. (I'm talking to all you cowboys from Texas and Kohen... I know you have one) The Stetsons from Ranger Joe's do not come fitted and you can get them fitted in Phenix City at a place called Phenix Serum and Western Store (Ph# 334-297-6006). Cost is roughly $175 to for the Stetson (at Ranger Joe's) and $10 to fit at Phenix Serum.

A few notes concerning Stetsons. Once fitted, do not lay them on their brim. Lay them upside down so they do not lose their form. It is worth investing in a decent Stetson now, it should last your career. Also, wearing another man's Stetson is a sign you are going home with that gentleman. And vice versa if another gentleman wears yours.

2LT Matt Tieszen


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