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Hi all,

Dr. Richard Levitan is going to have his airway class and cadaver lab on November 11 (B-shift) and 12 (A-shift) at the SFPA. I think just about all CE classes suck but this is easily the best CE class that I have ever been to. (I've been to it twice.)

Levitan is a highly entertaining speaker, and will put on quite a show. Before becoming an EDMD, he worked on ambulances and this perspective has a lot of influence on the way he developed his materials. (Most airway classes are based on anesthesiologists' points of view.)  He will take you through all the small details necessary for first-pass intubation success, and debunk all the myths, misconceptions and old wives' tales about intubation with evidence-based medicine.

And then you'll have a chance to practice his techniques in the cadaver lab, which is highly recommended. Choose the earlier class though so the cadavers aren't all mushy from repeated intubations.

Class: http://www.sfpaonline.org/detail.lasso?ClassID="">
Cadaver lab:

For further info:

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