wittrs: Wittgenstein's Aftermath [Wittrs]

Ludwig Wittgenstein had acute philosophic abilities and was incredibly insightful. People often have great difficulties understanding him. But when people do struggle to behold his thoughts, something interesting happens: they see a whole new WAY of thinking. They see the very act of intelligence differently than they did before. Wittrs is an email discussion group composed of scholars and thinkers influenced by, or appreciative of, Ludwig Wittgenstein. Half-blooded Wittgensteinians are as welcome as full-blooded - as are those who are only curious about him. In fact, membership only requires that one see Wittgenstein as a polar star in the intellectual universe (or want to learn why he should rightfully be seen as such). Hence, the only people excluded are those who think negatively of Wittgenstein or his intellectual contribution, or those who simply don't understand him and are content staying that way. Note that there are no discussion-topic requirements. Although the group does discuss Wittgenstein frequently, any intellectual discourse is welcomed. The idea is that any intellectual discourse among Wittgenstein-learned thinkers will surely be a better conversation, because "getting Wittgenstein" makes you a better thinker. The true name for this group probably should have been "Wittgenstein's Livingroom" or perhaps "Ludwig's Progeny." Instead, we simply called ourselves Wittgenstein's Aftermath - or "Wittrs" for short. Message Board: http://seanwilson.org/forum/