wilalumni: WILA Alumni


We are privileged to have trained at Wright Institute Los Angeles and proud to be part of WILA's extended family, the Wright Institute Los Angeles Alumni Association. The Alumni Association is a way for graduates to continue an active association with WILA. Our board is involved in fundraising, co-sponsoring CE programs, and honoring and supporting WILA's current trainees. The Association also publishes the WILA Alumni Newsletter and Alumni Spotlights and meets for social events.

This group is open to all WILA Alumni members. JOIN US!

We invite you to join or renew your WILA Alumni Association membership to keep your important connection to WILA alive and strong! Your annual dues support the institution you once called home, and provide you with valuable benefits. Learn more at WILA.ORG

CONFIDENTIALITY: When asking for referrals or any clinical consultation, please limit the information you share to a minimum. Focus on the services you need and avoid specific identifiable information about the client. By protecting client information, you protect YOU. This group is a "closed" group, but it is still social media.

RESPECT: This group is intended to enhance closeness and collegiality. Please be respectful of others allowing for healthy communication and divergent opinions. We reserve the right to moderate or edit posts that we feel violate the spirit of this group.