welchdixie9: Depression is a War - You Either Win or Die Trying

Depression is of course no joke. Many of the online social networking sites, social networks and message boards are increasingly sharing funny depression memes about loneliness, depression, loneliness or despair. Especially, at tough times of mental problems. This has certainly helped me in dealing with my own depression. It gives me hope because I can laugh at myself instead of thinking that I am the only one suffering from depression. It helps me realize that there are others like me who also are in similar situations as me.

You don't have to suffer from depression if you find the humor in yourself. There are millions of others just like you out there who are having the same struggles as you are. You don't have to live alone. There are many websites that allow you to share your funny depression memes. And these are some of the most popular ones. They include Funny Depression Memes, Funny Depression Pictures and Funny Depression Movies.

Don't let depression rule your life. Take charge of your own self, be positive and do something about your depression. Laugh at yourself and have fun. There is nothing wrong with being sad or lonely. But you should know that you are not the only one out there who suffers from depression. The world is your oyster.

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