webwithout-ie: accessible web without ie discussion list

The target audience for this list is users who have a need or desire to use the web without internet explorer, web developers and assistive technology developers that provide accessibility in conjunction with web browsers.Discussion revolves around use of the web, web application development and web content creation without the dependencies of Microsoft's Internet Explorer. Developing to an open set of web standards, while realizing most users are currently dependent on Internet Explorer and related software, challenges both the users and developers of assistive technologies.Making software and hardware accessible to assistive technology is best served by using techniques that work regardless of the particular browser. Obstacles include proprietary technologies (ActiveX Controls), not complying to W3C standards (auto-correction of improper coding ultimately undermines standards), and other browser specific coding that makes it difficult in accessing banking and other secure web services, federal, state, province, and municipal service and information sites, intranet and other work place sites.This list is a place to gather and discuss current issues and current and future solutions. Some features will be announcements of new documents, techniques, web sites, and technologies developed for facilitating this process.