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Hello Everyone!!! - I invite you all to join me and discuss, well, how can I put it! err oh yes, like this...! <smile> - All Things Relating to The Internet, World Wide Web, E-mail and all other related terms - whether around for years and perhaps years and years! new or "the mind boggles" wow! still to be invented sometime in the future still unknown to us "poor souls" right now , but once we hear of them we make them yes, "the words" feel "welcome", and in between, that is,not new not old in other words! You will enjoy it and have fun I am sure, especially if you share my "thirst for knowledge" or "passion" in this never-ending area with no limits and boundaries, and the fields that relate to it, the list which is if you think about it are just about endless, after all a topic may sound not related but especially today, and the more I and sure you will too think about an idea that sounds far away from this,if you or I can make it sound related and relevant then I and sure others will too go along with it - whether they are like-minded or not so like-minded for that matter actually either! So, yes, let us get started and have some fun with having discussion about just these very subjects and if anyone by the way can "Run it dry", I will be very disapointed (only joking!) But one never "stops learning" as they say, and so, let the discussion begin with earnist and let us learn together, and hopefully we (the group), will get bigger and bigger as "time goes by" See you there - goodbye for now!!! - Signed: Timothy David Bamber

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