voicerec-l: Discussions about digital and analog voice recorders

In this list, we want to discuss voice recorders. As I am blind, I am

especially interested in this topic from a blind perspective: How

accessible is a voice recorder? Does it issue beeps, when a key is

pressed? Does the menu system have a virtual margin, or even better,

does it always start at the same position, when the menu key is

pressed? ... But I want this list to be a forum for all voice recorder

users and therefore, all other voice recorder topics are also welcome:

What editing functions are available? How good does it work with

speech recognition software? Can one scan for text in a message and

can one hear bits of the message, when scanning? ... Talk about analog

voice recorders is also welcome.

But this list isn't a general audio list, so stuff like "How good

does the new CD from Madonna sound" or "Where can I buy the cheapest

CD-Rs" are off topic.

Flames are not welcome of course. There are great other places on the

net to flame people.