vo-with-ios-osx: VoiceOver with iOS and OS X

Every day, more blind people are using VoiceOver, Apple's Screen Reader with iOS and OS X. This includes such devices as the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPod Nano 6Th Generation and the iPad. While others are using the Mac Pro, iMac, MacBooks and MacBookAir.

When using VO, the gestures used are different than those for those not using VO. Additionally, Because many blind people also use keyboards as well as the Touch Screen or the Multitouch Track Pad on OS X devices.

I thought it's probably a good idea to bring another more specific group in to being just for working with VoiceOver related questions and problems. In other words, this list is not for discussing all kinds of features, likes and dislikes and all that kind of stuff. Here, the concern is specifically using VoiceOver on these different devices. With a true willingness to help each other with Questions and How-To items. As long as it's specific to VoiceOver.

For example, "When using VoiceOver, how do I continuously read a document in iBooks?"

Not, "How do I take a picture with my back facing camera?"

If this list becomes problematic, or if there are any other problems, I will first switch to Moderated mode, then I will have to close this list if things don't work out. Just so as it's all up front.

So, "Here's hoping to being able help others!"

All that I ask is that we are all respectful to each other. Under no circumstances will I tolerate any form of abuse toward anyone on this list.