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uqbar. It is the place of the imaginary and knowledge, the crossroads of Arts and culture, crucible of languages, where you meet people and content, in an environment characterized by immersivit� and interaction, to test ideas, creativity, collaboration, social forms.

media art cultures. Creating a space, where the different and new expressive potential are the result of contact between different idioms and contamination of cultures, through the use of new media, with Standart suitable to our contemporaneity.

uqbar.media art cultures. It is fantasy and literature, design and testing, mirror and interface between Second Life, web and real world, where art and creativity, concepts and emotions, places, content and forms are the founding elements.

So the idea of unite three research and working groups that, until now, while interacting, worked independently: the Museum of metaverso, the activity of temperature with the project Atlas of the visions and the thecubestop.com project; to establish a place where it is possible to see, qualify and interact with the artistic production-creative Second Life in the first place, as well as the real life and of the Web.

A superstructure designed for the art and for the imagination, where to see in a moment all the artistic production in SL AND NOT ONLY THAT THERE WAS and that there will be, in which estempore, events and exhibitions meetings take place as in a of the art, where every artist can file into its creative and artistic.

The possibility of "close" to have memory of all this artistic, the first place by a systematic and description criticism of the "works"; Not everything is remembered, so as not all, the artistic production is now part of the history of art.

Geography of the world creative new and intelligible. The ambition to be a unique place, while reproducible, where people can meet and content around the issues that concern: recreational art, architecture and design, visual art, fashion and fashion.

So the reason of a direction from training through the creation of a community that select and indicating events, programmes, projects, activities and in particular that plays that critical work of selection and definition through the interaction between all the players (and not actors) on these matters focus its interest is from a conceptual point of view, that emotionally as well.

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