ultrasound-text: A Practical Guide to Emergency Ultrasound

This will allow discussion between a group of physicians who are collaborating on a project to set up a data base on ultrasound images. In the last decade, changes in ultrasound technology have allowed individual physicians to take this imaging procedure to the bedside, to make point of care decisions in patient management. Potential uses of this technology are rapidly evolving as physicians adapt the technique for a variety of novel purposes. The listserve is intended to allow discussion between emergency physicians who are some of the leaders in the field who are developing and sharing this specialty. It will allow discussion of potential applications. In addition, there are a number of methods of saving and storing images to be used for teaching and disseminating images to share with others in the field. We have encountered many difficulties because there is a great deal of variation in type of ultrasound hardware and a number of different ways to preserve images. We hoped to find the best ways to save the images to improve the quality of images reproduced for teaching purposes. The free exchange of ideas would allow us to accomplish these tasks easier than our individual efforts alone.

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