transboundarywaterdg2021: The discussion list of the London Water Research Group

Dear All

In memory of our mentor, Tony Allan, we are resurrecting the Transboundary Water Discussion Group.

This is the third version of the list, after the Hydro-Hegemony Discussion Group and Yahoo-based TBWDG.

We hope this new platform will generate at least a part of the critical thinking and discussion that Tony always encouraged. For transboundary waters, his central idea was that relations over water was subordinate to politics, i.e. the anti-determinist view that challenged the simplistic ‘water leads to war’ and ‘water leads to peace’ narratives. He also reminded us that transboundary waters are “not researchable”, because all decisions get made in the shadow state to which we have no access. With respect, we disagree with the statement, and think that through integration into processes and deploying the right kind of theory to particular observations, some helpful insight can be shone.

So, please pitch your left-field ideas, share any excellent water work, and discuss ideas that do justice or a dis-service to improved relations over water or to critical thinking.

Francesca, Mark, Naho, Jeroen

PS - If you know anyone who’d like to sign-up, please pass them this link