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TIPSnet, The Training Information and Public Service Net, a group of Amateur Radio Operators & the general public meeting weekly on-the-air from around the world discussing Public Service and our Amateur Radio Service including timely guests and discussions of the newest technology -electronics & computers.

Fostering International Friendship Through Amateur Radio

TIPSnet meets every Tuesday 7:30pm to 8:30pm local time (EST) / 0030z-0130z on several RF linked repeaters throughout New England, including the SPARC system, in West Haven, CT. Our main RF connection is the 147.505/146.505 input (-1 Mhz PL 77.0) National and International connections are welcome via SPARC's EchoIRLP Node 7505 or the New England Gateway � EchoLink Conference *NEW-ENG* (node # 9127) and IRLP Reflector 912, Channel 7 (node # 9127) Streaming audio available at (click 147.505 repeater audio)

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